Insights Into Investing and Raising Capital

From all of us at Fine Line Accelerator...

Five Core Themes to an Effective Pitch Deck

How to Get Investors Hungry for More Information When raising capital, a combination of your company’s product, vision, team, and execution are what ultimately attract investment. And while the pitch deck is ultimately less important than vision and product, it exists to convey both elements and get investors hungry for more. You Need These Two…
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Brands getting a second lift off with millenials

Millennia’s are “Going Back to the Future” for Brands. Why are we seeing millennials in every city wearing 1970’s styles and our old comfort brands like Champion? …Continue reading on Debra’s Linkedin Profile
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What A Company Needs To Be Viable For Investors

How Can You Get Investors Interested in Your Company? In order to attract investors, you should follow these six tips. Ability to generate revenue & specifically free cash flow Able to generate more cash flow than comparable companies Able to generate same at lower costs Recurring revenue agreements, diversified client base and reduced reliance on…
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My Angel Investing Advice After Many Mistakes

Assume You Are Going to Lose All Your Money Treat success as a complete surprise. Successful venture capital firms generate approximately 80 percent of their returns from less than 20 percent of their investments. The chances are high your angel investments will be losing bets. Qualified or Accredited Investors Need to Have a Net Worth…
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Your Guide to Angel Investing

You can benefit from these eight Angel Investing strategies to get a leg up on other investors in today’s economy. I invest with Tech Coast Angels and here are tips from their Chairman Emeritus, John Harbison. – Debra Fine 1 Stay in the Game The public equity portfolio is way down. But, most likely, you…
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