Advice From Debra Fine, CEO of Fine Line Accelerator

- May 1, 2020

The global pandemic affected many entrepreneurs, setting us all on a new course. We are here at Fine Line Accelerator to support entrepreneurs through the tough transition to the new way of operating.

  • Are you in the middle of a fundraising round and it has stalled?

    Times are tough and support is harder to come by during this difficult period.

  • Were you planning to start a round of fundraising in the near future?

    Plans may need to shift to adjust for today's state of the economy.

  • Have you decided to hold off on alternative capital sources right now and are looking for alternative ways to fund your company?

    You might be seeking alternative options to sustain your business.

  • Are you bootstrapping but will need to find funding in the future?

    You may be lucky enough to get by in the short term but funding in the long term is inevitable. 

Helping Entrepreneurs Raise Funds

We will get you ready to raise funding or engage our experts in "Hibernating until the economy is viable again". 

We'll answer these questions together:


Navigating the Environment

How do you raise funds in a very tough environment?


Exploring the Best Options

If you can't raise Angel or VC funding, what are some alternative ways to raise needed cash?


Finding the Right Time

When is a good time to raise financing in terms of the stage of the company and path to profitability?


Identifying Financial Strengths

What are the components of a strong financial set that guide the company and show investors that you have a handle on your cash?


Validating Your Strategy

Has your strategy shifted based on today's economy? How can we test and validate your strategy?


Balancing Business Priorities

How to ensure the business continues to run while focusing on raising money?


Selecting Ideal Investors

How to choose the right investors for your business and leverage shareholders for a win-win relationship?


Digging into the Details

What do you need to investigate? What are term sheets, types of funding, valuations, and dilution?

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