Advice From Debra Fine, CEO of Fine Line Accelerator

- Jul 1, 2020

How to Get Investors Hungry for More Information

When raising capital, a combination of your company’s product, vision, team, and execution are what ultimately attract investment. And while the pitch deck is ultimately less important than vision and product, it exists to convey both elements and get investors hungry for more.

You Need These Two Things in Every Deck

Like other investors, I come across hundreds of pitches each month — some in person, others in an email; some as PowerPoints, and others as full-fledged business plans. Your goal is to craft a deck that is both:

  • Crisp: succinct enough that it is easily digestible (in person, email, etc) and
  • Complete: thorough enough that it conveys the big vision and current traction

How do the Pros Like Airbnb and Mint Create Public Pitch Decks?

I looked back on many of the pitches I reviewed over the last couple years (good and bad) and compared it to public pitch decks of familiar, successful companies like Airbnb, Foursquare, and Mint. The output is this guide to creating an early-stage pitch deck. It’s intended for companies seeking seed and series A investments.

Increase Your Odds of Raising Capital With This Structure

There are five core themes followed by a suggested structure:

  1. Have a great one-liner
  2.  Know your audience
  3.  Keep it to 10-15 slides
  4.  Beware of the demo
  5.  Expect the deck to be shared

And remember: it’s the story and the conversation that is important – not the imagery and colors. If you can convey the passion that drives you (and your users / customers!), you will have created a powerful pitch deck.